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New Arrivals

Pure Pink

Single Estate wild-farmed Ceylon Tea.

Grown and harvested ethically and organically in Sri Lanka.
Pure Pink Tea is 100% natural Camellia Sinensis.
Zero additives. Naturally pink & delicious!
Higher in antioxidants, lower in caffeine and tastes better than most green tea!

Anti-aging, detoxifying and uplifting properties to optimise your overall health and wellness.


Health Benefits


Healthy bioactive compounds •
Improves brain function • Increases

fat burning • Reduces inflammation

and blood sugar levels • Lowers

the risk of heart disease and

cancer • Calms and soothes

the nervous system 

New Arrivals

Green Jasmine Matcha

Jasmine infused wild-farmed Ceylon green matcha.

Soothe and invigorate with a cup of our Jasmine

Green Matcha.
Our matcha is wild-farmed, harvested and produced ethically & organically in Sri Lanka.
Rich in antioxidants and enhanced with the flavour and benefits of Jasmine flower.

Health Benefits

Improves mood and

brain function • Reduces stress

and anxiety • Protects the liver and promotes a healthy heart • 

Anti-ageing properties • Aides in weight loss and reduces unhealthy cravings

New Arrivals

Black Bergamot Matcha

Bergamot infused wild-farmed black matcha.

Warm the soul with our delicious blend of bergamot infused matcha complimented by the rich flavours of raw African cacao. Enjoy the uplifting aromas and grounding properties of this original blend, and optimize your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing!


Health Benefits

Rich in antioxidants, 

polyphenols and flavanols • Lowers

blood pressure and reduces inflammation  Improves circulation

and flow between the brain

and heart • Mood-enhancing
and stimulating

Keep posted on our store launch!

and never miss a sip...


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